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I’m Jim Merritt …
and I’m running to be the next Mayor of Tacoma

As a leader in the private sector, Democrat, father, and grandfather from Tacoma, I know there is a lot to be proud of in this city. I have spent my entire career making Tacoma an exceptional city to live, work and raise a family. My leadership made Point Ruston, the Foss Waterway, and Tacoma Union Station possible, providing opportunity for family-wage jobs and preserving local landmarks.

Tacoma still has incredible untapped potential. If we maximize our competitive advantage, we can become the economic engine for all of Southwest Washington and the Olympic Peninsula. As Mayor, I can realize this longterm vision for Tacoma that includes attracting family-wage jobs, restoring funding to public safety, and finally listening to the voices of our citizens.

I am running for Mayor to change the culture of our local government. Tacoma should work with its citizens, not against them. Tacoma should listen to taxpayers, not special interests. Voting for me as Mayor of Tacoma isn’t a vote for an agenda- it’s a vote for a seat at the table.

I humbly ask for your vote for Mayor of Tacoma.

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Find out about some of Jim Merritt’s contributions to Tacoma!

Point Ruston on former ASARCO smelter site

Clean-up of ASARCO smelter site

The ASARCO smelter site was best known for it’s environmental and health hazards to the residents of Tacoma. Lead, arsenic, and cancer were only a few of the problems it posed.

Jim Merritt led the clean-up of the smelter site by bringing the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks, ASARCO, the EPA, 35 community stakeholder groups, and thousands of citizens to the table to work out an honest solution everyone could agree on.

Without Jim’s leadership, the ruins of the site would likely still be there- while the city battled it in court 20 years later. Instead, the site is now “Point Ruston” where residents enjoy concerts, shopping, and the waterfront!

A similar approach was used a couple of years later to shape the direction for the west side of the Foss Waterway.

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SR 509 Bridge

SR 509 Cable-Stayed Bridge

The State Department of Transportation had a design for Tacoma’s 509 bridge. It was bulky, expensive, and made of concrete.

Jim Merritt took initiative and proposed a better, more beautiful alternative: the cable-stayed bridge we love today. US Representative Norm Dicks supported the alternative design, and helped Jim convince the DOT to take the project on. They said yes!

Thanks to Jim’s leadership (and respect for fellow taxpayers), the project came in under budget. Used by churches, political campaigns, nonprofits, and other groups to invoke elegance and sense of place, Jim’s vision has become one of Tacoma’s most recognizable features.

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Downtown Tacoma

Downtown Tacoma / UWT

Back in the 1980’s, I-705 was planned to go right through the heart of downtown.

With reason and future in mind, Jim Merritt spoke out against the plan, explaining how it could prevent Tacoma from realizing it’s vision as the “City of Destiny.” At first, not everyone agreed.

That is, until Jim proposed an alternative route. His plan took I-705 away from the center of downtown toward the water’s edge. It gave the route incredible views of the mountain, water, and port, without sacrificing future commerce downtown. This is the route we take today!

He then worked alongside Dawn Lucien on the University of Washington Tacoma location proposal. Using his skills in urban planning and architecture, he helped repurpose the buildings already standing into classrooms and dorms. Thanks to Jim’s vision, we have bustling small businesses, the Link, and more!