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About Jim Merritt

Jim Merritt's Family

Beginning as a worker on his Uncle’s farm, Jim Merritt was raised on the East side of Tacoma and Fife. He comes from a long line farmers, loggers, miners, and other blue-collar workers from the Tacoma area, leaving him with a strong work ethic and deep respect for this city.

Jim Merritt was the first of the Merritt family to go to college. He worked his way through school at the University of Washington as a carpenter’s apprentice. While in school he met the love of his life, Claudia, who was studying microbiology at Pacific Lutheran University. Jim graduated from the UW School of Architecture and Urban Design Magna Cum Laude, first in his class. Claudia and Jim married and remain together over 40 years later, with three children and two grandchildren.

SR 509 Cable Stayed Bridge

Jim Merritt is now an architect, business owner, urban planner, and facilitator.

In 2003, Jim was honored by Mayor Bill Baarsma on behalf of the City Council with the “Tacoma Hometown Hero” award for long-term dedication to making Tacoma an excellent place to live. The very next year, he received special recognition from Pierce County for adding significantly to the economic and civic well being of Tacoma.

Jim Merritt has six generations of family in the Tacoma area. He is a part of the American Leadership Forum (Class I), Tacoma Rotary 8, and coaches basketball at many community organizations. He enjoys playing basketball, golf, and spending time with his family.